Welcome to the Booosta Framework.

Booosta is a Framework for the development of PHP web applications. It provides powerful classes and functions that make life for web developers easier. It is licensed under the GPL v3 which means it is free software.

Booosta is an ERAD (extreme rapid application development) environment, which provides some MVC functionality (Model, View, Controller).

Booosta provides modules for database abstraction, database access through data objects, a web application infrastructure, a template system, an ajax helper class, sending emails or an image gallery.

It contains several external open source PHP and JavaScript projects like modules from the PEAR repository. These are provided with the Booosta release.

How does Booosta compare to the big PHP frameworks like Symfonie or Zend?

Those frameworks are very large ones that provide functionality for developing huge web applications. If you want to implement your own social network you should consider using one of these instead of Booosta. Booosta has been designed to develop small and mid-sized web applications very fast, easy and efficient.

The time you use to set up one of the large frameworks for use in your application is the time you need to implement your whole application with Booosta – if it is really a very, very simple application that does nothing but displaying, inserting, editing and deleting database contents.